HPR 427 Iron SHP Dart Short Block

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HPR Iron 427 Forged short block

The 427 destination has always been a special one for Chevy, and our forged Dart SHP 427 short block makes for a special build in a number of ways.  The Dart SHP iron block offers more stability with the block in high HP builds and uses a std 9.240" deck height like all LS engines.  Stock cam location, stock 0.842" lifter bores (larger on request), and stock LS main bearings are used in the SHP block.

ARP main studs keep the caps in place and all dimensions are carefully measured and machined to our exacting specifications for clearances.  A forged Dart center counter weighted 4.000 stroke crankshaft is the foundation of the rotating assembly to further increase the strength compared to a typical forged crankshaft.  Hung off the crank we use a forged H beam K1 rod with ARP fasteners and our own designed piston manufactured by Wiseco.  The entire assembly is balanced and assembled here in house for the ultimate performance and reliability you expect from HPR. 

Approx compression 10:1 with stock LS7 cylinder heads - ask about piston compression options when ordering.


  • Dart SHP Iron LSNext block
  • ARP Main stud kit
  • Dart Center Counter Weighted crankshaft
  • K1 Forged H beam connecting rods
  • HPR designed pistons by Wiseco with LS7 valve reliefs
  • HPR designed and spec piston ring pack
  • All components Ultra Sonic washed before assembly
  • Machine work and assembly done in house at HPR
  • Your choice of 24x or 58x crankshaft reluctor wheels
  • Short crankshaft for normal oil pump or aftermarket dry sump


 **Timing chain, camshaft, and oil pump NOT included

***ALL ENGINES ARE BUILT TO ORDER - Please contact your sales rep for build time and ETA