Morel LS High RPM Race Lifters

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Morel's 5472 hydraulic lifter set is from the Pro Series line of tie-bar lifters.  These use a 0.810" diameter wheel vs the OE 0.700" size to reduce the amount of stress the lifter sees in big lift, aggressive camshaft profiles.  These lifters us a larger body housing as well of 0.903 vs the stock 0.847 so your engine block must be machined for these lifters to fit.  They have a  pressure fed pin oiling and on center pushrod cups.  Since they are a tie-bar lifter there is no need for the OEM plastic lifter trays to be used. Stock diameter lifter body also means they can drop in any production LS engine without further modifications. 

Sold in sets of 16.


*Do not use oil thicker than 5w40 with these lifters

*Non-DOD Applications Only