T&D Machine GenV LT Rocker arms

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The GenV LT market is rapidly growing and the need for a better rocker arm to handle high lift, high stress cam lobes has been lacking. 

T&D Machine now has a billet chromoly steel, fully adjustable bolt on solution for just that requirement. 

These come in the OE 1.80:1 ratio and are designed as a drop in replacement (with the correct supporting pushrods and valve springs) for the OE pieces with no additional machine work required to the cylinder heads. 

When you are looking at increasing valve lift over 0.650 or adding the additional stress of high HP forced induction systems, the OE rockers sometimes have issues holding up to those forces.  For those looking to move to a solid lifter setup, this is the hot ticket to do so. 

The standard bearing included is a fully caged needle bearing design and the rockers come with a T&D designed bolt from ARP at their APR2000 strength level for as must strength as possible without re-machining the head.