Texas Speed Dual Spring Cam Package for Rectangular Port Heads (LS3/L92/LSA/L76)

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Your Choice of Camshaft, Double Spring Kit, and Hardened Chromoly Pushrods.

This package will include the following items:
  • Your TSP LS-3 camshaft of choice
  • TSP Dual Spring Kit w/ PAC Polished .660" Springs, Retainers, New Seats, & New Seals
  • Texas Speed Hardened Chromoly Pushrods / 7.400  (other lengths available)

Note: The factory LS3 camshaft uses a single-bolt cam design, which means one bolt holds the upper timing sprocket on the camshaft. If you require a 3 bolt conversion kit, please see our 3 bolt sprocket kit sold separately.

Note: All camshafts listed will require the removal AFM/DOD, if equipped. You can purchase our DOD Delete Kit separately.