Dart Race Series LS 10° 368cc CNC

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No other areas of racing engine development hold as much potential for increased performance as the cylinder head and its related components. Dart continues its revolutionary approach to perfection and power in this area by the recent release of their all new NMCA Pro Stock cylinder head.

Recommended for maximum competition LS engines with 4.125” bore or larger. Drag race, maximum competition, naturally aspirated, heavy nitrous or forced induction applications.

Dart’s New Race Series 10° LS cylinder head is the ultimate choice for maximum competition. Designed with raised Pro Stock oval ports, canted valves and highly efficient wedge style combustion chambers, the Race Series 10° LS is a radical departure from traditional LS heads in one other area. The intake and exhaust valve locations for each cylinder have been reversed. This feature has been the standard for maximum power wedge engines for decades.

The huge flow resulting from the 10° valve angle, splayed valve layout, reversed symmetrical intake ports, and highly efficient combustion chambers deliver maximum power!

  • Fully CNC ported from Dart
  • 57cc chamber size
  • 2.300 intake valve size
  • 1.600 exhaust valve size
  • 368cc intake runner size
  • 2.360 x 1.700 oval intake port
  • 1.740 valve spring pockets
  • Copper Beryllium seats
  • 456 cfm @ 1.000" intake
  • 316 cfm @ 1.000" exhaust
  • Uses Jesel rocker assembly


It is recommended that you contact a HPR or Dart technical representative before placing an order for this item. Detailed information about your planned engine build will help to ensure that you choose the right configuration for your motor and that any special parts are taken into consideration.

Heads are sold individually.