NGK V Power and Racing Spark Plugs

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Looking for a performance spark plug for your modified LS engine?   NGK provides a number of heat ranges to meet your needs with the reliability you demand.  Unsure of which plug is right for you, ask one of our techs for more info!

Plugs listed are for OEM 14mm taper seat cylinder heads using stock 17.5mm reach. 

Overview of heat range

  • Stock - TR55
  • One step colder TR6 (stock LS7)
  • Two steps colder BR7EF (typical forced induction plug)
  • Three steps colder R5724-8
  • Four steps colder R5724-9
  • Five steps colder R5724-10




High Performance

With economical performance and improved ignitability over OE Nickel NGK Spark Plugs, V-Power is original equipment manufacturer - and racer-approved.

  • Lowers ignition system voltage requirements
  • Greater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs
  • Trivalent metal plating has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Increased fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Highly durable against electrical and chemical wear
  • Performance spark plug


Racing Spark Plugs

High Performance

From professional racers with extremely modified engines to the weekend warrior, all levels of performance enthusiasts count on the advanced technology built into NGK Racing Spark Plugs.

To withstand the severe conditions that occur in racing engines, NGK Racing Spark Plugs feature electrode materials and configurations as follows:

  • Electrode materials - Many use precious metals such as platinum or gold/palladium for greater durability and lower voltage requirements.
  • Electrode configurations - Fine-wire center electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. Fine-wire ground electrodes further improve the ignitability of the plug.
  • Insulator configurations - Special configurations are used for the insulator noses to improve throttle response.