HPR Ultimate LS3/LSA Top End Package

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Looking for the best top end package for your LS3 / LSA build?  HPR has you covered with a package they have developed along side a few of our vendors. 

We have assembled this package around a pair of MAST Motorsports 255cc CNC fully ported cylinder heads.  These "Black Label" castings are completely new and feature huge intake and exhaust ports along with 2.160" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves.  We spec out stainless intake and inconel exhaust valves to cover forced induction applications and PAC 1209x spring kits in this package. 

HPR custom grinds the cam for each order and our sales team will speak with you on your requirements and power level goals before grinding your cam.

For a stable valve train, we have chosen to use Jesel's offset, zero thrust, rocker arm system along with travel limited Morel lifters and large diameter double taper pushrods.


Kit includes:

  • MAST 255cc CNC ported LSA cylinder heads (assembled)
  • HPR Custom ground camshaft for your application (not pictured)
  • HPR double taper pushrods (not pictured)
  • Morel travel limited link bar roller lifters with larger 0.750 wheel
  • GM LS9 head gasket set
  • ARP head studs
  • Jesel shaft mount "zero thrust" shaft mount rocker arm system