FAST LS3 Race Short Runner Kit

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*This item includes ONLY the Race interchangeable runners, without the intake manifold.
Race versions of the LSXR™ Intake Runners are now available. These runners are designed specifically for LS3, L99, L76 and L92 engines that are built for high performance applications. The Race Runner Set features the shortest and straightest runner design that rivals aluminum four-barrel intakes for horsepower potential. This setup utilizes a race runner engineered for all-out high-RPM performance and is ideal for vehicles with serious performance modifications and race converters. They can provide up to a 35+ horsepower gain with a 500-1000 RPM upward shift in peak horsepower for all out race vehicles.

The FAST® LSXR™ Intake Runners are interchangeable and available in kits so manifolds may be configured with any combination of the standard street, HP or Race runners. Complete manifolds complete with High HP or Race intake runners are available.