HPR 427 LS Forged Pistons

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HPR Forged 4.125" Bore Pistons


HPR saw the need for a quality forged piston when used in NA road race applications that was not only strong but light weight as well.   This 4.125" bore piston is the answer for that question.  Working with Wiseco on our other signature pistons, this one is no different.   Using their 2618 material to start the forging we included LS7 sized valve reliefs for adequate clearance in most builds.   Designed to be used with a 6.125" rod and 4.000" stroke crankshaft when building a 427 cid LS engine.  Standard size, 0.927" diameter pins are double tapered for strength and further weight reduction.  We even included our own thin, low friction ring package for increased HP!


  • 4.125" bore
  • 4.000" stroke w/ 6.125" connecting rod
  • 1.115" compression height
  • Dual taper piston pin
  • HPR spec low friction ring package (file fit) *can be ordered without