HPR LS Comp Conical Spring kit

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Testing throughout the 2018 season, our customers have loved using the new Comp Cam conical springs on their LS road race builds.  These springs have proven to provide us with excellent wear, performance, and pressures under the most demanding conditions. 

We have put together this kit for those looking for a all in one package of springs, locators, retainers, and seals designed to work on the LS head (see LS7 specific kit for LS7/9 applications) and OE length valves

Expected to become the new standard in high performance valve spring design, COMP Cams® Conical Valve Springs utilize round wire and feature a diameter and progressive pitch driven natural frequency. This design increases the valve train RPM limit while reducing resonance concerns and decreasing dynamic spring oscillations. The result is longer spring life and the ability to run more aggressive camshafts. A breakthrough in valve spring development, COMP Cams® is the very first to introduce this advanced conical design.

A small package of shims is included to dial in the springs to the desired pre-load you are looking for on your particular cam.  Listed for lifts up to 0.665" valve lift we have been able to see slightly more given the proper install measurements. 


Package includes: One set of Comp 7228 conical springs, locators for OE guides, tool steel retainers, viton valve seals and assorted shims.  Retains the use of the OE GM locks.