ARE LS7 Dry Sump Stage III

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ARE's Retro Fit dry sump pan is a direct replacement for the pan found on the C6Z06, C6ZR1, and Gen5 Z28 engines.  This pan utilizes the factory internal dry sump oil pump.  All A/C and OEM accessories drives can be kept in place.  C6 Corvettes will require the use of coil overs and removal of the OEM leaf spring for clearance. 

ARE's pan features a number of design changes from OEM including a separated pick up and shallower pan to make sure the pickup is constantly able to pickup engine oil. 

The stage III system not only includes the better pan and oil tank, but also adds in one more feature, an external scavange vacuum pump to further aid in removing excess oil from the engine and returning it back to the tank to keep the pick up fed with fresh liquid oil.  This pump will also aid in removing some excess crankcase pressure to aid in the development of more HP too!


Includes: oil pan, oil tank, tank mounting kit, external scavenge pump, pump mount, pulley kit, belt, remote oil filter adapter mount, tank mounting kit, breather tank, and -12 o-ring plug. 

Sheet metal tank shown in pictures

Corvettes will require coil overs, and leaf spring removal.