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The Fluid Dynamics of the SPINTRIC®

There are literally hundreds of air/oil sparators made, a quick Google search shows that, however, 95% of them are "vented air devices" made for keeping the oil out of atmospheric or engine PCV systems. Wet sump engines need to be vented, and these devices are fine, if not a good idea.

However, the SPINTRIC® is NOT in this category. The SPINTRIC® is designed to help eliminate the air from the scavenge return to the oil tank. The nature of the drysump system is to "over scavenge" the engine, sending oil and air back to the oil tank or reservoir. The SPINTRIC's® job is to send de-aerated oil back to be used again, sometimes within seconds! The air then is sent back to the top of the tank where it can be vented back to the atmosphere. This is important to understand, as both devices separate air from oil, but in totally different dynamics, function, and end results!


What is a SPINTRIC®?

“A totally full time functioning device, becoming part of the dry sump system.”  This is not an engine breather/vent can.


The "Spintric®" air/oil separator is an in-line air separator for dry sump oiling systems, as typically used on racing engines.

This device follows an invention by Gary Armstrong Patented in 1983, where the air and oil is separated mechanically, being part of the dry sump pump, and incorporated within the pump, driven by the same shaft (patent # 4,414,006) 1983.  

The Spintric® air/oil separator is a very simple looking, yet highly sophisticated device, utilizing several complex channels allowing what I call "centripetal air separation" to work.

The same laws of physics working in the previous patent, and other similar devices relying on the dry sump pump are at work.

However, separators in the pump make a longer, larger diameter, more difficult to mount dry Sump pump.

The Spintric® mounts separate from the dry sump pump, in-line from scavenge out to scavenge in on the dry sump tank.

We also make a special dry sump tank with the Spintric® mounted to the tank, (optional).