BTR LS1/2/6 NA Camshafts

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BTR N/A Camshafts for LS1/2/6

Brian Tooley has been making a splash in the LS world with his own in house cam designs for the LS engines.  We are proud to offer a number of his cams for your engines as well.  Designed as a direct replacement for your LS1/LS2/LS6 engine to instantly increase HP and TQ. 

LS1/2 Stage I Cam 223/230 .610"/.573" 115+2

LS1/2 Stage II Cam 227/234 .614"/.576" 113+2

LS1/2 Stage III Cam 231/242 .617"/.592" 112+2

LS1/2 Stage IV Cam 235/242 .621"/.592" 111+3


*Upgraded valve springs, pushrods and engine calibration required