Callies Compstar H Beam LS Connecting Rods

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Callies Compstar H-beam billet connecting rods

Compstar engineering leads the way in High Value connecting rod design. The original Compstar H-beam rods were conceived around the idea that high quality and affordability can come in the same package. The time saved in preparation for use becomes an added value that you’ll discover during your engine build. Dimensional repeatability and the proper clearances for high performance use right out of the box also add value, as well as peace of mind. Attention to detail has long been the trademark of Compstar rods.

Compstar rods were designed with higher horsepower stroker motors in mind from the start, not as an afterthought. Bolt upgrades and stroker clearance are normally additional cost options with other rods, but are standard equipment with Compstar rods.

ARP 2000 bolts are used exclusively for superior tensile strength and clamping force at the critical mating joint of the rod and cap. The placement of these bolts is also key to additional rotational clearance in stroker applications at the bottom of the bores and at the pan rails.


6.100 / 2.100 uses a 0.927 Pin
6.100 / 2.100 uses a 0.943 Pin