GM LS3 Bare Engine Block

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The Chevrolet Performance LS Series Engine Blocks are driving a new generation of enthusiasts by providing a foundation for serious performance achievements.  The LS3 blocks are designed specifically to handle from 450-900 horsepower.  No matter if you are building a mild street engine or more radical race engine, the LS3 is a proven foundation to start with. 



4.065" finished bore size
Deep-Skirt Casting
6-Bolt Cross-bolted Main Caps
Strong and Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Casting
Provisions for the latest in Engine Control Management
  • 9.240" Standard Deck Height
  • 2.560" Standard LS Crankshaft Journal Diameter
  • Wet or Dry Sump Oiling
  • Plug and dowel kit sold separately
  • Does not include front, rear or valley cover