GM LSX 4.065 Bare Engine Block

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The LSX Bowtie engine block is the latest design from the Chevrolet Performance engineering team. This durable iron-block casting is based primarily on GM’s production LS7 block, but it is designed with more material in critical areas – including a thicker deck and cylinder bores – to support displacement of 454 cubic inches or more. Unique six-bolt cylinder head provisions provide clamping capability for power-adder combinations greater than 1,000 horsepower. Although designed with racing in mind, each LSX block is machined to stock LS dimensions to accept stock LS components as well.



  • 4.065" Finished Bore Size
  • 9.240" Finished Deck Height
  • LSX specific six-bolts-per-cylinder head bolt pattern 
  • Accommodates all LS-series oil pans and oil pumps
  • Billet-steel six-bolt dowel-located main bearing caps                        
  • Accommodates wet-sump or dry-sump oiling systems          
  • Extra-thick deck for maximum clamping force                                   
  • Maintains production exterior accessory mounting provisions
  • Extra-thick cylinder walls allow increased bore capacity                   
  • Maximum 4.200-inch bore still allows 0.200-inch minimum wall thickness
  • True priority main oiling system                                                         
  • Main web bay-to-bay breathing holes reduce crank windage                        
  • Orange powder coat finish

  • Includes:
  • Cam Thrust Plate
    Rear CoverTappet GuidesHardware