HPR Gen IV Sleeved LS Engine Block

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HPR sleeved Gen IV LS engine blocks make for a quality foundation for your next build project.  Our blocks have a Darton dry sleeve that is longer than the OE sleeves for larger stroke engines with a variety of bore sizes to choose from. 

By using the Darton sleeve not only do we increase the sleeve length but they are also offer a higher tensile strength than the OE sleeves used by GM.  By using the Darton sleeve we are greatly increasing the stiffness of the block and offering a greater level of protection on higher HP builds.

Some features include:

  • 5.850" length Darton Dry Sleeve
  • Blocks are clearanced for larger stroke crankshafts (may require more depending on rod used)
  • OEM GM main caps with ARP fasteners
  • New GM Gen IV block core (LS3 only at current time)
  • Different bore sizing options (call about custom bores not listed)
  • Ask about machine work to accommodate CCW crankshafts
  • Cam bearings, plugs, and windage tray nuts all included

*Cylinder bores are finished to the size listed, if you would like to purchase the rotating assembly from us we can finish to your exact pistons and crankshaft.  For our protection and yours we will not finish machine bores to specifications given to us by the customer for bore or line hone specs without parts in hand. 

Please contact us for an up-to-date shipping quote.  Due to the weight, our website will not be able to accurately estimate the shipping cost.