Katech High Capacity Scavenge, High Capacity Pressure, Ported Oil Pump

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-Direct replacement oil pump for LS7 and LS9 engines (also fits dry sump LS3s)
-30% greater scavenge capacity (click image for data)
-20% greater pressure capacity
-CNC ported
-Blueprinted to precise tolerances, documented and serialized
-Red anodized finished with laser-etched Katech Performance logo
-$269 refundable core deposit upon return of an acceptable core LS9 pump. We can not accept an LS7 core pump for the purchase of an LS9 pump
-2006-2008 LS7 requires a change to the 2009+ crank sprocket (12622539) when using the Katech red pump. Failure to change the crank sprocket will result in oil pump binding and will not be covered under warranty.

Note: We only accept perfect cores. As a result, we reject about 40% of cores turned in. If your engine has had a bearing failure or material has gone through the oil pump for any other reason, your core will be rejected. Cores must be returned with the small plastic bolt insulator to receive credit. We reserve the right to reject bad cores. Core pumps must be received within 60 days of invoice date to receive credit.

NOTE: This product is $470.99 WITH EXCHANGE. When you return a good core, a $269.00 refund will be issued.
*contingent upon inspection