Performance Rod Bearings

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Performance Bearings are specifically designed for extreme performance applications.

These carry a load capacity of 15,000 psi, the highest available. This is accomplished through the use of a patented four metal design which features premium 1020 hardened steel backing material, leaded bronze bearing material (CuPb14Sn3) and thin overlays. Thrust bearings have a patented profile on the thrust face to double their load carrying capacity by enhancing the formation of hydrodynamic oil film. The result is a bearing offering the ultimate in durability under extreme load, high rpm and high temperature conditions. 

Bearings are 3/4 grooved for optimum oil supply plus increased bearing surface area. Flash tin coating has been eliminated on both the O.D. and I.D. surfaces. This eliminates the possibility of tin material migrating and building

Std LS journal size, sold in sets of 8 pair