HPR Dart LS Windage Tray Kit

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Trying to mount a windage tray or wet sump oil pickup tube to your Dart build and having issues?   Dart did an amazing job with the LSNext and SHP blocks with their huge billet splayed caps but left no locations for any kind of OE windage and oil pickup mounting location.

HPR has solved this hurdle with an easy cost effective solution!  

Our billet brackets bolt right to the Dart main caps and allow you to bolt on a OE GM windage tray with ZERO modifications to either your block or the tray.   These pieces mimic the GM OE main cap windage stud locations and size so any tray can bolt right on and it will also allow the GM factory oil pump pickup tubes a stable base to mount from as well with out timely fabrication required. 

Just bolt the brackets to the caps using the supplied hardware and torque to spec.  From there you can mount your tray as normal and check for crank and rod clearance (we built these off of a 4.000" stroke setup).  Once in place you can mount the oil pump and set your pickup tube clearance just as you would any normal LS build. 


Sets are sold as 4 piece units for shorter tray assemblies like the F body or 5 piece as you would find in a late model Corvette or pickup.   **All kits now updated to fit blocks with main cap bolts or studs** 

****PLEASE CALL FOR 1/2" MAIN STUD APPLICATIONS - Special order only****