HorsePower Research Services

From new engine assembly to inspection and rebuilds HPR has a full service machine shop and trusted staff to cover your needs.



New or used, we make sure EVERY piece from the engine block to the nuts and washers are 100% clean prior to any assembly.  Our multi step process includes a number of steps including our ultrasonic hot washer tank to remove dirt, debris, and oil from even inside passageways deep inside the block. 


Cylinder Sizing

Our Sunnen CK-10 along with our boring machine makes sure that every cylinder is perfectly round top to bottom and to the correct size for the piston/ring set that is going in your build.  We spend extra time on the Sunnen with Erik's proven multi step stone process to get not only the cylinders as close to 100% round throughout but also to make sure the finish is correct giving you the best sealing ring surface possible. 


Block Machine Work

We check each block, new or used, to make sure the deck height is not only correct but also completely flat so each cylinder will have the same piston to deck height. 

We also offer in house milling for custom fit crank/rod combinations, different machining work to pistons to insure everything fits properly before your engine is rotated for the first time.


Rod / Piston

Some engine shops might just throw new rods and pistons together, but we take the time to measure, hone, and fit every single piston/rod/pin combo that we assemble here in house.  Corrections are made for the use of the engine and material, again to insure your HPR engine will last on the street or track.



Meticulous care is given to each engine assembly.  Time taken to measure every part, every bearing surface, and every clearance so it is done right the first time.  Engines are assembled in our clean room, with each building getting its own work station and assembly lists.  We even offer online picture updates to our customers so they can monitor the build through MyShopAssist. 


Other services include:

  • Inspection during tear down
  • Cylinder head assembly
  • Cylinder head machine work and porting
  • Cam install with degree wheel
  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Custom piston sets
  • Custom cam grinding

Don't see something you are looking for?  Give us a call: 972-597-4367