Our Team

Erik Koenig - Founding Owner

Erik Koenig is a name that is very familiar with those in the LS community.  Erik is no stranger to making serious HP and engines that last.  Many companies will state their builders and assembly people went to the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM), not many can say theirs was an instructor at the school and taught many at other shops across the country.  Erik's own designs and exclusive parts are what sets HPR apart from the rest.  Erik works very closely with the major companies in the auto industry like Wiseco, Callies, K1, and Sonny Bryant to develop new designs for engine components.  Most recently Erik ran his own engine business HKE for over 15 years before joining forces, starting HPR to develop new products and decrease turn around time on engine builds.

Ed Loutherback - Founding Owner

Terry Fair - Founding Owner

Founding owner Terry Fair brings three decades of racing and engineering experience to the HPR team and will race anything with 4 wheels. Terry graduated from Texas A&M University with a mechanical engineering technology degree and has worked in several engineering disciplines including metallurgy, mechanical equipment design, control systems, and wireless devices. He actively participates in motorsports events including autocrossing, open track events, time trials, wheel to wheel road racing, and drag racing.  He usually campaigns one of the Vorshlag race cars at 25+ competition events a year, often co-driving with his wife Amy.

Terry is also the owner of Vorshlag Motorsports, at its core is a leading manufacturer of high end suspension components such as camber-caster adjustment plates, spherical shock mounts, and other suspension components.  These components are designed and manufactured 100% in house in Plano, Texas. 

Anthony Forney - Store Manager / Sales / Tech

Anthony has been with HPR since opening the doors in March of 2017.  His history in pro level road racing, sales, and technical support make him a key member of the team here at HPR.  Like Terry, Anthony's background stems from Mechanical Engineering Technology as well, but from Purdue University.  Starting as a crew/tech on a pro SCCA World Challenge team after college got his feet wet in racing and worked his way up to car chief for the team running in ALMS, GrandAm, and SCCA.   He has helped develop parts, instructions for production parts, and customer support in the aftermarket parts world.