HPR OE LS7 Performance valve guides

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A 'max effort' guide for the GM LS7 cylinder head has not really existed until now. 

HPR has designed and tested a new guide for both the intake and exhaust specifically for the GM cylinder head and OE type rocker arms. 

These guides are exclusively made for us by CHE to our specs using the the highest quality bronze alloy material.   By design we have extended the guides where support is needed most, and removed where it was not needed.   This has proven to offer more valve support, less wear, and easier installation into the heads.  The intake side now has an additional 0.375" of guide support to the valve!   Other features include having intake guides bulleted to slender down the profile as it enters into the port so as to not block as much air.   While the exhaust guides are bull nosed for extra material given the heat they see through the port.   Lastly we have a built in positive stop to the guide so that each guide will go in and stop and the correct location into the head rather than the OE straight design that could have various install heights.

Due to our positive stop design these guides will require the use of a 0.565 ID spring locator rather than the OE 0.505.

Guides are sold individually or by the pair and designed as OE replacement for the OE LS7 head.