HorsePower Research Intro Release

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HorsePower Research Intro Release

What is HorsePower Research (HPR)?

HPR is DFW's premier engine machine shop and assembly location for LS, LT, Ford and other late model engines. 


Erik Koenig

HPR's main designer and engine builder, Erik Koenig is no stranger to the high HP world of engines.  Some may know Erik from his prior company in Houston, HKE or may have had Erik as their teacher at the prestigious S.A.M. school in engine assembly and machine work.  Erik has been in the world of building, and machining engines for some of the biggest shops in Texas and some record setting cars around the world. 

Machine shops vs Engine assembly vs Engine builders.   There is typically no shortage of engine machine shops across the country, and many can machine parts.   The knowledge of the person operating the machine, as well as the care and upkeep of the machine itself is how accurate they can machine the parts in front of them.  This does not mean they know what tolerances should be set or how the parts physically interact with each other.  Then you have Engine assembly shops, again depending on the people there and history what you are going to get back.  Most of these are production shops that set everything to either factory OEM specifications or just "throw" engines together to move them in and out of the shop quickly.  While this is better for their bottom line, it isn't so much so when it comes to what you get back from them as a product.  If they do not understand what it takes to correctly measure, machine, and fit the pieces together so it works correctly, this typically ends in issues with the engine or higher failure rates once running.   An actual Engine builder knows more than just what kind of parts to use, but also how to make them work and last.  Some materials are going to grow when heated, you are going to have deflection in parts as they bend and move and a real builder will know these things.  Just because the part is new, doesn't mean it is right or correctly machined for use in YOUR engine.  Erik takes the time on each and every part in the engines so that they are built, and built right the first time.  This typically means a little longer on assembly time but in the end, the product you are left with is much higher quality piece that you know has the care and time put into it if you would have done it yourself.  That is what makes HPR so much more than your local machine shop, but a true high performance engine builder. 

To add to our knowledge of machining parts, and assembly work we also design assemblies from the ground up.  Many of our short and long block assemblies are of Erik's own design.  Many of the components you will find in our 442, 468, and 527 LS assemblies are exclusive to HPR and Erik himself and are not able to be bought as off the shelf parts nor would many machine shops know how to make them fit in the engine blocks they were designed for. 

Combining Erik, HKE, and HPR together as one entire unit is also going to allow more expansion into the future with more house designed engine parts like intake manifolds, camshafts and other related parts to push the HP and TQ numbers even further! 


Stay tuned for more exciting news!