HPR LSx TT Build Thread Part VI: Supporting Hardware

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HPR LSx TT Build Thread Part VI: Supporting Hardware

#6 Supporting Hardware

This might be the last update for a few months as the engine has left our facility and is in the hands of the car builder to finish out the plumbing, install, turbo kit, fuel system and other pieces.  

The one thing at the start of this series I did not state was the fact that it will be a alcohol fueled engine so the HP rating of 2000+ is more along the lines of 3100-3600 hp, possibly more depending on final boost levels, and fuel mixture.  Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures of the car and maybe a video down the track once it is all done and tested. 

For now, I will leave you with these final pieces

Stef's custom one off LSNext dry sump oil pan. First one ever made.


Peterson dry sump oil pump

front side of the fuel pump....notice the fitting size

Fuel pump assembly

Yes you are reading that correctly, 700 lb/hr injectors

Intake manifold, rails, and TB's

Nice sized pair of TB's

Side shot

So, that should give you a quick look inside what is going on inside a big HP build.   The parts you do not see is the time it takes to assemble something like this.  Unlike most normal street and hot rod engines these typically will have to be assembled, a couple times during the build and torn back down as some parts may interfere with others requiring machine work, and re-cleaning before going together. 

Now it is up to the car builder to finish up the accessories and install.