*NEW PRODUCT* Wiseco BoostLine rods

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*NEW PRODUCT* Wiseco BoostLine rods

Today we un-box one of the very first sets of Wiseco Automotive's new BoostLine connecting rods for LS and LT engines.


Some things to note on these: This all new design from Wiseco has been developed specifically for boosted engines and higher stresses, up to 2000HP!. Wiseco's new three pocket design allows for extra material were needed but does not drastically increase weight.



Each rod is wrapped and protected and kept separate from the others so no damage can happen during shipping. 

Like most rod sets, they are all matched closely on weight, but in the case of the BoostLine rods, each one is given it's own serial number which matches the sheet inside the box showing the exact weight and critical dimensions of that particular rod. 



As with any forced induction style of build, and extreme HP use these are going to be a bit heavier than other similar I and H beam rods so care must be taken when balancing the rotating assembly.


HorsePower Research currently has sets on the shelf and we hope to be featuring these in some up coming builds soon! Ask your sales person for details!!